Winning Numbers: Mega Millions Jackpot


We’ll Give You Winning Numbers In A Few Minutes. But, First, We’re Having Fun With This. “Eyewitness News” Alicia Nieves He’s Wentz Out And Saw Some Things You Could Get With A Billion. Auto Leashia. Well, Ukee, Alex, Money Cannot Buy Everything But A Billion Dollars Buys A Lot And Quite Frankly More Than You Think. I Went Around And Saw Pricey Things Today.

Tonight’s Mega Millions Potential Progressive Jackpot Slots Winner Could Afford Everything I Saw And Have Plenty Of Money Leftover. Whoever Wins The Billion Dollar Jackpot That Would Be Life Changing For Anyone. Take A Trip First I. I Take Care Of Mortgage. Pay Could Have Kids College Titions I Have Four Children.

For Those Looking To Splurge You Could Afford Anything. Any Piece Of Property In Philadelphia. Certainly The Car Of Your Dreams. People Love Cars.

Cars Is What Makes The World Go Around, I Believe. Going Around Fc Cur Bic Dealership With Frank Kirbeck. Cadillacs Are Great Cars. He Shows Us How You Buy All 3 0 0 Cadillacs In The Shop And Have Hundreds Of Millions Leftover. This Classic 1957 Chevy Would Be A Drop In The Well. Even An Entire Collection Of Lambroghiniss Including Lambo First Ever Suv Would Not Put A Dent In Your Billion Dollar Fortune.

Along The Way Had You Lottery Winners Come Here. Yes A Lot Of Them. Anyone, Including Frank With A Ticket In Hand And Excited Pumped The Brakes.

Most Important Thing You Need To Do Is Get For Yourself A Really Important Professional Team. Experts Say You Should Get A Financial Advisor, Lawyer And Pause On Spending In Fact Pause On Celebrating Or Saying Anything. We Surround Our People Worth Around The Same Amount Of Money As Us. If You Want To Keep Your Friends After The Big Win You Want To Keep Your Lips Tight. And That Is Sound Advice.

I Don’t Know How Anyone Could Keep A Billion Dollar Windfall A Secret. I Would Be Filled With Too Much Guilt Or Be Too Giddy And Somebody Would Know Something. I Didn’t Win. Hopefully Someone Out There Had Better Luck. Cbs3 “Eyewitness News”. They Get You Every Time.