He Finally Got A New Basketball


Either way, it’s been about a month, since I’ve seen him, and about three weeks since I’ve talked to him. So it’s just one of those things, where he’s not too far away, it’s just one of those things where I just gotta pick up the phone, call him up, and go, yo, let’s go grab some lunch.

So we went and grabbed lunch, we chitchatted about various things, just catching up with him feels good. I caught up with my mom last night, it’s just one of those things where I’m trying to touch base with my parents and my brothers, speaking of which, I talked to my brother, Austin, Brother number two, earlier today, just real quick, brief, checking in with him, seeing how him and the wife are. And I just texted brother number three, Travis, to check in with him, I haven’t heard back from him yet, so hopefully he gives me a buzz at some point today, just checking in, just making sure life’s good, things are all well. I hate the fact that we live so close to each other, and yet we go so long without talking with each other. None of us are really like, talkers, like we don’t pick up the phone and say, hey, what’s going on, just like, chitchat, shoot the breeze, we’re not that kinda people, but it still bothers me that we don’t talk that much.

And I’m just as guilty, I’m not putting the blame on them, it’s equal blame all the way around, so. I returned home and found all three, all four of the other family members in the exact same place that I left them. And Baby’s on the couch. Tiffany was on the couch, she just went upstairs, ’cause I told her we’re gonna go leave the house, but she was on the couch watching TV, Sierra’s on the family computer playing casino online with free spin bonus with her friend from school, and Bryce is in his room, playing Overwatch with his friends, exactly where I left them.

Which, I’m jealous, because if I didn’t leave the house, I would’ve been in that room the entire time as well, so I can’t fault ’em for that. Doesn’t make for an exciting day, sorry. Bryce is complaining for some reason right now that we’re going to sushi. Is he not feeling okay? Ooh, how’d that feel?

I only ate one roll. I ate some edamame and a little bit of soup, but I had a big lunch with my dad, which is just a few hours ago, kinda bummed,– – Where’d you go? – Went to Red Robin – Oh, nice. – Had a big burger and fries. And of course I’m not full, and so I’m like, oh.

We went to get sushi, of course, when I was on a full stomach. Rip. Oh, okay, so what we’re looking for while we’re here, the reason why we’re here, is because Bryce has been a little lonely on the basketball court. He wants to play some basketball, but what happened?

It’s been over a month since my buddy, Jerry, came out and helped, it’s, actually, it’s been almost two months, it’s actually been almost two months. All the bushes are overgrown, and lookin’ really straggly and ragged, so I’m gonna call who the previous owner used and get a quote from him, see what he’d charge to do both front and back monthly. Hopefully it’s reasonable and we’ll have a good looking yard year-round. Course we’re down the ice cream aisle. Tiffany’s sweet tooth. – I can right here, yogurt.

Oh yeah, there you go, that’s your jam. Sea salt caramel pretzel. Oh, well, yeah. So we’re back home now, and Sierra finally purchased Playstation Plus and some Playstation gift cards to purchase some games for her PS4.

She’s had a PS4 now for almost two months, and has not purchased any games or Playstation Plus, to play online. And so she had a Target gift card and two Visa gift cards, plus $25 in cash. So while we were at Target, I told her, gather it up, figure out how much you have, and then purchase what you need to purchase from Target. Then you can come home and do it that way. So she bought Playstation Plus for 12 months, and then she bought two Playstation gift cards so she just put the codes in and then she can buy whatever games she wants.

Basically, when I got my PS4 Pro, like two, three months ago, she had her Playstation, but she didn’t have the money to buy her Playstation Plus, just like Bryce, Bryce has to pay for his Playstation Plus, so he gave me his whatever, 60 bucks cash, a couple weeks ago, and he purchased his Playstation Plus. You know, kids gotta earn that money. So they, that’s what all the yard work and pool work that Bryce did this morning, that pays for that kinda stuff. For his cell phone, same thing with Sierra. Sierra cleans the toilets, and helps Mom with the vacuuming and the floors, that’s how they earn their money.

Gotta get a job, kid, get a job. Alright, so Sierra’s downloading Overwatch, getting things ready for their big video game party tonight. And Bryce just could not wait to get his shoes on and try out his new basketball. So here we go. What you got there, you got a Spalding?

Anyways, tomorrow, back to basketball practice. And he’s got skills, and then Thursday he’s got his team practice, and– – I need those skills. – Get back, he needs to get back. He’s, you know, so here’s the thing, guys, he went two months without touching video games.

Two months, without touching his Playstation, right? And then it was like, once day, I was like, why don’t you play your Playstation, aren’t you bored? Why don’t you go play with your Playstation? Oh, okay, and then it was like he got addicted again, and it was all about Playstation for the last two months. Or not two months, but like June and July, it’s all been Playstation.