Rivers Casino Partners With CCAC For Dealer Classes

Looks fantastic. We will show you the outlook with the seven-day forecast as we wrap up the show in about 40 minutes. Okay. Thanks.

Had you ever wondered what it would be like to be a casino dealer? Dealing table games takes skill and ability — and working with the guests that are unhappy when they lose money. There is a need for skilled dealers.

They are offering classes and scholarships to train potential employees. Here is a dealer to show us her skills. There is an open house today and tonight for anyone interested in learning more. Good morning. College courses for online casino nz! How did you get started?

The rivers originally did their own training and came to the college president and asked if we would be willing to take over the training program. They donated the equipment to us and we submitted the curriculum and it was approved. For two years we’ve been offering this training to the local community. Does anyone else offer this training? Yes, there are other schools.

Sometimes the casino croupier does its own training. Mostly community colleges handle it. To think that a university would do it — i had no idea. When i went through this it was internal at the rivers but i took a class at ccac.

You took the craps class? Yes. There are two sessions today — what can people do? There are two sessions at the dealer school.

They will see all the tables involved in the table games and there are at — they are at 5:00-2:00 today. Also 6 pm-8 pm. They will have representatives from the rivers to meet with them and talk about potential employment and each table will be staffed by a dealer to show them what’s involved so they can decide if they are interested. Will the you have any? No. I didn’t know what a poker hand was.

It was beneficial to go to the class. How did you find them? I was playing and it was my personality and the environment — i felt like i could do it and it would be fun to do. I went through the course and now i’m a dealer.

How long does the course take? There are also some scholarships available? The rivers casino has donated 40 scholarships to the educational foundation. The open house — if you are interested and they feel you are a good fit, there is a potential to get paid for this. Are there jobs available? Yes, we have 60 openings — it’s ongoing — filling positions.

You start with the basics and you may move to craps or roulette. There is a need to build different positions. Is there a high turnover rate?

Do you see dealers coming and going? Not necessarily. As long as you do it right, you’ll be fine. Because where else would you go?

If you didn’t deal here — where else would you go? Wherever your heart desires. The gaming license is by state. You would have to renew it if you left the state.

At the rivers — you could transfer if you needed to. You could learn this at ccac but work at any casino? Yes, throughout the state of pennsylvania. It depends on the state — but chances are it could be valid in other states as well.

Why don’t we let you show us your skills. How about a game of blackjack? Yes. You are the guests. I will be the dealer — as the card comes up — get your first car — my first card is not expose. Now we go back around.

Then we expose it. Currently — you look like a professional. Me. You are sitting at 15 — i have a four showing. I am going to hold. Good idea — at the rivers you need to use hand motions.

You have a 9. You have 9 showing and i had what you assume would be 14. You’ve got to get. You don’t want to touch your card.

I would be kicked out now. You wave to stay. Take a hit — 18. The dealer stays.

The dealer shows 11. Is a question — i my playing against sarah or you? You are playing against the house.

As we see — oh, come on! The dealer made 21. [laughter] let me see those cards!

Let’s try one more. I know i was low — 15 was low. Do you recommend people hold or would you have taken another one?

It depends on what the dealer shows. According to what i was showing you did it right. At the rivers we have a card at the gift shop telling you what to do. This must be a fun job. Yes, it is.

It’s exciting until you run into someone who’s drunk or upset about their loss. No matter what job you have you will come into contact with people that are not happy. It’s going to happen.

Have you ever had someone threaten you? They do a good job making sure no one gets out of control. Also, i can control my attitude so i do my best. Even though i understand that people are getting emotional. Sure. Let’s play another game.

Let’s do it. Hands off the table. We have a 10 showing for the dealer. Do you want to stay?

Yes. It looks like a push — everyone has 20. No one wins and no one loses. So, the money stays on the table? Yes. Did you set that up?

Thank you for coming in. You’re welcome. Again, the rivers and ccac how are having two open houses today.

The first is from noon until 2