He Finally Got A New Basketball


Either way, it’s been about a month, since I’ve seen him, and about three weeks since I’ve talked to him. So it’s just one of those things, where he’s not too far away, it’s just one of those things where I just gotta pick up the phone, call him up, and go, yo, let’s go grab some lunch.

So we went and grabbed lunch, we chitchatted about various things, just catching up with him feels good. I caught up with my mom last night, it’s just one of those things where I’m trying to touch base with my parents and my brothers, speaking of which, I talked to my brother, Austin, Brother number two, earlier today, just real quick, brief, checking in with him, seeing how him and the wife are. And I just texted brother number three, Travis, to check in with him, I haven’t heard back from him yet, so hopefully he gives me a buzz at some point today, just checking in, just making sure life’s good, things are all well. I hate the fact that we live so close to each other, and yet we go so long without talking with each other. None of us are really like, talkers, like we don’t pick up the phone and say, hey, what’s going on, just like, chitchat, shoot the breeze, we’re not that kinda people, but it still bothers me that we don’t talk that much.

And I’m just as guilty, I’m not putting the blame on them, it’s equal blame all the way around, so. I returned home and found all three, all four of the other family members in the exact same place that I left them. And Baby’s on the couch. Tiffany was on the couch, she just went upstairs, ’cause I told her we’re gonna go leave the house, but she was on the couch watching TV, Sierra’s on the family computer playing casino online with free spin bonus with her friend from school, and Bryce is in his room, playing Overwatch with his friends, exactly where I left them.

Which, I’m jealous, because if I didn’t leave the house, I would’ve been in that room the entire time as well, so I can’t fault ’em for that. Doesn’t make for an exciting day, sorry. Bryce is complaining for some reason right now that we’re going to sushi. Is he not feeling okay? Ooh, how’d that feel?

I only ate one roll. I ate some edamame and a little bit of soup, but I had a big lunch with my dad, which is just a few hours ago, kinda bummed,– – Where’d you go? – Went to Red Robin – Oh, nice. – Had a big burger and fries. And of course I’m not full, and so I’m like, oh.

We went to get sushi, of course, when I was on a full stomach. Rip. Oh, okay, so what we’re looking for while we’re here, the reason why we’re here, is because Bryce has been a little lonely on the basketball court. He wants to play some basketball, but what happened?

It’s been over a month since my buddy, Jerry, came out and helped, it’s, actually, it’s been almost two months, it’s actually been almost two months. All the bushes are overgrown, and lookin’ really straggly and ragged, so I’m gonna call who the previous owner used and get a quote from him, see what he’d charge to do both front and back monthly. Hopefully it’s reasonable and we’ll have a good looking yard year-round. Course we’re down the ice cream aisle. Tiffany’s sweet tooth. – I can right here, yogurt.

Oh yeah, there you go, that’s your jam. Sea salt caramel pretzel. Oh, well, yeah. So we’re back home now, and Sierra finally purchased Playstation Plus and some Playstation gift cards to purchase some games for her PS4.

She’s had a PS4 now for almost two months, and has not purchased any games or Playstation Plus, to play online. And so she had a Target gift card and two Visa gift cards, plus $25 in cash. So while we were at Target, I told her, gather it up, figure out how much you have, and then purchase what you need to purchase from Target. Then you can come home and do it that way. So she bought Playstation Plus for 12 months, and then she bought two Playstation gift cards so she just put the codes in and then she can buy whatever games she wants.

Basically, when I got my PS4 Pro, like two, three months ago, she had her Playstation, but she didn’t have the money to buy her Playstation Plus, just like Bryce, Bryce has to pay for his Playstation Plus, so he gave me his whatever, 60 bucks cash, a couple weeks ago, and he purchased his Playstation Plus. You know, kids gotta earn that money. So they, that’s what all the yard work and pool work that Bryce did this morning, that pays for that kinda stuff. For his cell phone, same thing with Sierra. Sierra cleans the toilets, and helps Mom with the vacuuming and the floors, that’s how they earn their money.

Gotta get a job, kid, get a job. Alright, so Sierra’s downloading Overwatch, getting things ready for their big video game party tonight. And Bryce just could not wait to get his shoes on and try out his new basketball. So here we go. What you got there, you got a Spalding?

Anyways, tomorrow, back to basketball practice. And he’s got skills, and then Thursday he’s got his team practice, and– – I need those skills. – Get back, he needs to get back. He’s, you know, so here’s the thing, guys, he went two months without touching video games.

Two months, without touching his Playstation, right? And then it was like, once day, I was like, why don’t you play your Playstation, aren’t you bored? Why don’t you go play with your Playstation? Oh, okay, and then it was like he got addicted again, and it was all about Playstation for the last two months. Or not two months, but like June and July, it’s all been Playstation.

Winning Numbers: Mega Millions Jackpot


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TOP 10 Things to Do in LOS ANGELES 2019

In this video we’ll show you 10 best things to do in Los Angeles and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel and share your own Los Angeles experience in the comments below. The suggestions are based on our extremely fun trip to Los Angeles. Here are our top 10 picks: Number 1: Grand Central Market Grand Central Market is a 30,000 square-foot arcade featuring food emporium and retail marketplace in downtown LA. It opened in 1917 and has been operating ever since with a mission to provide Los Angeles with a national-caliber eating experience that showcases California’s best ingredients, chefs and entrepreneurs.

It’s a great place to experience the cultures of Los Angeles by simply walking through or even getting something to eat from one of the numerous food vendors. And while you’re there, don’t miss the Angels Flight located right outside the Market. With its 298 feet inclined railway it is supposed to be the world’s shortest railway.

Number 2: OUE Skyspace LA OUE Skyspace LA is California’s tallest open-air observation deck of the iconic US Bank Tower with breathtaking views towards Los Angeles. You can do all sorts of things there: engage with their interactive technology, take a break and have one of their signature cocktails or, for the brave ones, experience the 45-foot Skyslide, a fully enclosed, all-glass slide nearly 1,000 feet above Downtown LA that gives you an entirely new perspective of the city. Check the description for more information about visiting OUE Skyspace LA. Number 3: Griffith Observatory The observatory overlooking Los Angeles offers excellent views of downtown and Hollywood Sign. It features an extensive array of space and science-related displays.

Admission has been free ever since the observatory opened its doors in 1935. One of the more memorable exhibits is a Tesla coil. The view of the city can be especially exciting at night.

Since many people are arriving by car and parking space is limited, expect to spend some time to find parking nearby. Number 4: Hollywood Sign The Hollywood Sign is one of the world’s most famous landmarks and a cultural icon overlooking Hollywood. “HOLLYWOOD” is spelled out in 45 foot tall white capital letters and is 352 feet long. The sign was created in 1923 as an advertisement for a local real estate agency and it initially read: HOLLYWOODLAND.

Due to increasing recognition, the sign was left up in its current form instead of being taken down. You can drive near the sign or simply hike to this famous landmark. Number 5: Amusement Parks Los Angeles and its surroundings offer several exciting amusement parks, for example, Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc. We visited Universal Studios Hollywood which is both a film studio and a theme park. It is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood film studios still in use. It was initially created to offer tours of the real Universal Studios sets.

You can enjoy rides and visit film sets of some of your favorite movies like: Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Psycho and many more. Check the description for the list of amusement parks in Los Angeles area. Number 6: Hollywood Walk of Fame The Hollywood Walk of Fame features over 2,600 stars embedded in the sidewalks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry, bearing the names of actors, directors, musicians, producers, fictional characters, and others.

Do not forget to look for the famous Chinese Theatres, featuring handprints, footprints, and signatures of some of the Hollywood’s biggest stars. Number 7: Beverly Hills Originally a Spanish ranch where lima beans were grown Beverly Hills was incorporated in 1914 by a group of investors who had failed to find oil, but found water instead and eventually decided to develop it into a town. Today, Beverly Hills is one of world’s most famous upscale places to live and shop. Visit RODEO DRIVE, a famous shopping street with expensive designer stores and small private boutiques. It became immortalized by Julia Robert’s “Pretty Woman” shopping spree. The area is popular with wealthy shoppers, sunglass-wearing celebrities and tourists hoping to see fashion icons.

Number 8: Santa Monica Pier The Santa Monica Pier is a large double-jointed and over 100 years old pier located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica. Its iconic entrance made the pier popular with both residents and visitors. A sign on the pier marks the end of the legendary American highway Route 66, symbolizing that this road only ended when the sea stood in its way. The pier also contains Pacific Park, a family amusement park with a solar paneled ferris wheel.

Since the pier is a very popular tourist spot expect it can get very crowded. Number 9: Venice Beach Venice is a residential, commercial and recreational beachfront neighborhood. It was founded in 1905 as a seaside resort town. Over the years it transformed into a free-spirited boardwalk and residential area full of funky shops, imaginative street performers and public art. Rent a scooter or a bike and ride along the Venice Beach, play some sports in one of many public sport areas, or simply sit in the sand, watch the waves and enjoy the vibe.

If you have time, also visit the Venice Canals nearby. The canals were created in the early 1900’s to mimic the famous canals in Venice, Italy. By the way, if you enjoy the view of the ocean you can visit other beaches near Los Angeles. Check the description for list of interesting beaches in the greater Los Angeles area.

Number 10: ART AND MUSEUMS Los Angeles is a perfect destination for the art lovers. Some of the world-class museums include Los Angeles County Museum of Art with famous Urban Light assemblage sculpture composed of 202 street lamps, J. Paul Getty Museum and Getty Villa, and many more. Check the description for links to interesting museums in Los Angeles. Additionally, Los Angeles is home and a creative hub to numerous artists and small galleries. We visited Randy and his sculpture Phantasma Gloria. It was an amazing experience to hear him talk passionately about his art.

Go visit Randyland if you are ever in Los Angeles. We created Google maps with all the suggestions. Links are in the description.

Do you have a favorite place in Los Angeles? Share it in the comments below. And don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel.

Rivers Casino Partners With CCAC For Dealer Classes

Looks fantastic. We will show you the outlook with the seven-day forecast as we wrap up the show in about 40 minutes. Okay. Thanks.

Had you ever wondered what it would be like to be a casino dealer? Dealing table games takes skill and ability — and working with the guests that are unhappy when they lose money. There is a need for skilled dealers.

They are offering classes and scholarships to train potential employees. Here is a dealer to show us her skills. There is an open house today and tonight for anyone interested in learning more. Good morning. College courses for online casino nz! How did you get started?

The rivers originally did their own training and came to the college president and asked if we would be willing to take over the training program. They donated the equipment to us and we submitted the curriculum and it was approved. For two years we’ve been offering this training to the local community. Does anyone else offer this training? Yes, there are other schools.

Sometimes the casino croupier does its own training. Mostly community colleges handle it. To think that a university would do it — i had no idea. When i went through this it was internal at the rivers but i took a class at ccac.

You took the craps class? Yes. There are two sessions today — what can people do? There are two sessions at the dealer school.

They will see all the tables involved in the table games and there are at — they are at 5:00-2:00 today. Also 6 pm-8 pm. They will have representatives from the rivers to meet with them and talk about potential employment and each table will be staffed by a dealer to show them what’s involved so they can decide if they are interested. Will the you have any? No. I didn’t know what a poker hand was.

It was beneficial to go to the class. How did you find them? I was playing and it was my personality and the environment — i felt like i could do it and it would be fun to do. I went through the course and now i’m a dealer.

How long does the course take? There are also some scholarships available? The rivers casino has donated 40 scholarships to the educational foundation. The open house — if you are interested and they feel you are a good fit, there is a potential to get paid for this. Are there jobs available? Yes, we have 60 openings — it’s ongoing — filling positions.

You start with the basics and you may move to craps or roulette. There is a need to build different positions. Is there a high turnover rate?

Do you see dealers coming and going? Not necessarily. As long as you do it right, you’ll be fine. Because where else would you go?

If you didn’t deal here — where else would you go? Wherever your heart desires. The gaming license is by state. You would have to renew it if you left the state.

At the rivers — you could transfer if you needed to. You could learn this at ccac but work at any casino? Yes, throughout the state of pennsylvania. It depends on the state — but chances are it could be valid in other states as well.

Why don’t we let you show us your skills. How about a game of blackjack? Yes. You are the guests. I will be the dealer — as the card comes up — get your first car — my first card is not expose. Now we go back around.

Then we expose it. Currently — you look like a professional. Me. You are sitting at 15 — i have a four showing. I am going to hold. Good idea — at the rivers you need to use hand motions.

You have a 9. You have 9 showing and i had what you assume would be 14. You’ve got to get. You don’t want to touch your card.

I would be kicked out now. You wave to stay. Take a hit — 18. The dealer stays.

The dealer shows 11. Is a question — i my playing against sarah or you? You are playing against the house.

As we see — oh, come on! The dealer made 21. [laughter] let me see those cards!

Let’s try one more. I know i was low — 15 was low. Do you recommend people hold or would you have taken another one?

It depends on what the dealer shows. According to what i was showing you did it right. At the rivers we have a card at the gift shop telling you what to do. This must be a fun job. Yes, it is.

It’s exciting until you run into someone who’s drunk or upset about their loss. No matter what job you have you will come into contact with people that are not happy. It’s going to happen.

Have you ever had someone threaten you? They do a good job making sure no one gets out of control. Also, i can control my attitude so i do my best. Even though i understand that people are getting emotional. Sure. Let’s play another game.

Let’s do it. Hands off the table. We have a 10 showing for the dealer. Do you want to stay?

Yes. It looks like a push — everyone has 20. No one wins and no one loses. So, the money stays on the table? Yes. Did you set that up?

Thank you for coming in. You’re welcome. Again, the rivers and ccac how are having two open houses today.

The first is from noon until 2

Bali Nightlife

Theres no doubt about it, Bali can get pretty crazy I know about magic mushrooms… he thought he was dead actually Look I think a lot of them do things here in bali that they wouldn’t normally do at home… Alright, we’re not going to sugar coat it. One of the main reasons people come to kuta is to party hard. Its no surprise then that some people go a little overboard, and if you push it too far, you could land in some seriously hot water. Craig Beveridge, head of the BIMC hospital in Bali has seen travellers do some mind boggling things under the influence.

Yeah look I think a lot of them do things here in Bali that they wouldn’t normally do at home. As an example riding a motorbike without a helmet, you know you just wouldn’t do it at home, and the roads are certainly no softer here. The thing is you can really hurt yourself on these things, especially if you aren’t wearing shoes, helmet, or pants. So if you find yourself in Bali not wearing pants for all the wrong reasons, you might want to get yourself a four wheeled vehicle, at least you won’t need to worry about complicated things like, you know, gravity. Oh, and if you have travel insurance, you can forget about making a claim if you are seriously wasted, it’s just not going to happen.

If you’re drunk it will open you up to a whole bunch of other problems too. Drink spiking is always a bit of a problem in places like these, so its vital that you keep your eye on your drink at all times, if you’re not careful, who knows what might happen… Yep, theres no doubt that Kuta is a pretty crazy town, with practically everything on offer Ecstasy, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Marijuana These are all drugs that you can get very freely in Kuta. What you can also get very freely are jail sentences of up to 30 years, and you could face the firing squad if you are caught in possession of drugs, awesome.

What have you heard about drugs over here? I know about magic mushrooms, and I had bad experiences. My boyfriend had, and it was not good. What happened to him? He thought he was dead actually and i had to convince him that he wasn’t. And that wasn’t very fun at all Its pretty easy to go crazy here, the rules are very lax and its a hedonistic atmosphere, but its like anywhere else in the world.

If you’re going to get off your face, you could find yourself in trouble. So if you have any memories left, and you’d like to take them home in one piece remember this Excessive drinking can lead to exaggerated egos, poor dancing, vomiting and fighting, usually in that order. And avoid the motorbike taxis if you don’t want to add full body gravel rash into the equation. Keep an eye on your drinks spiking is pretty common, and seriously, 20 years in a Bali prison with a cellmate called brutal, its just not worth getting high for. So get out there and explore your boundaries, but remember to stay safe.